Justice Facility Projects

+ McLean County (Illinois) Jail Needs Assessment & Master Plan
National Institute of Corrections

First through the National Institute of Corrections and later while teamed with an architectural and engineering firm, Mark Goldman and Associates helped McLean County develop safe, secure, humane, and supportive environments for mentally ill alleged and convicted offenders, females, and the entire gamut of inmate populations.
Primary tasks and deliverables were:
  • Inmate profiles and projections
  • Recommendations to replace Work Release and Weekender Sentences with Day Reporting to limit bed needs and construction and operational costs.
  • Recommendations and plans for mentally ill alleged and convicted offenders — for those who need a secure environment, and also for those suitable for non–physically secure settings.
  • Facility evaluation — focusing on ways to improve operations.
  • Operational and architectural program.
  • Expansion and renovation design options.
  • Cost estimates for operations and construction.
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+ Lake Iliamna (Alaska) Area Villages' Regional Justice Center

For seven very remote Villages that surround the largest lake in Alaska and require airplanes and boats for their residents to go between the Villages and elsewhere, Mark Goldman & Associates first studied the existing justice and social service systems., which were scant. The needs assessment and subsequent plan involved village and state law enforcement, village and borough courts, substance abuse and mental health programs, and other alternatives and programs that provide treatment, rehabilitation, safety and security.

Working closely with representatives from all seven Villages, MGA developed a program and conceptual design for a Regional Justice Center, one of the very first in Indian Country. The center was planned to accommodate Tribal Courts, mediation, probation, counseling and rehabilitative programs, law enforcement, and short-term holding (until alleged offenders could be flown to a jail or juvenile facility).

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+ Coweta County (Georgia) Detention Center & Sheriff's Office Expansion

In 2010, Coweta County selected Mark Goldman & Associates to help the County improve and expand their Sheriff's Offices and Jail. MGA teamed with architectural, security, and cost estimating specialists to address all of the County's different needs.

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+ Jail Design Review Handbook

MGA wrote this Handbook for the National Institute of Corrections to provide to jurisdictions throughout the United States. The Handbook assists sheriffs, jailers, county administrators, and other decision-makers in thoroughly reviewing and critiquing jail design documents.

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+ White Earth Reservation (Minnesota) Adult/Juvenile Corrections and Alternatives to Incarceration Master Plan

White Earth, MN
Mark Goldman & Associates (and another firm) helped the White Earth Nation establish its justice system and plan its first justice facilities. Services provided included:
  • Profiling the Native American inmate population
  • Projecting bed needs by category for 20 years in five-year increments
  • Expanding non-custody alternatives for adults and juveniles to divert greater numbers of people from incarceration who pose little risk to safety and security and placing them, instead, in less costly and more effective programs such as day reporting and drug court
  • Developing classification and operational requirements
  • Projecting staff by position and shift
  • Determining space needs for each function
  • Developing cost estimates for construction and other initial costs, and for staffing and other major operational costs
  • Developing a phased Master Plan for the Correctional facility and alternatives
White Earth leaders were so pleased with Mark Goldman & Associates work that the Nation hired MGA to do initial planning and conceptual design for an entire White Earth Nation Juvenile and Adult Justice Center.

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+ Native American and Alaskan Technical Assistance
Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) & National Institute of Corrections (NIC), US Department of Justice

Between 2001 and 2010, Mark Goldman & Associates (MGA) and another firm assisted 34 Indian tribes, from Alaska to Mississippi, with the project management, planning, design and construction of juvenile and adult detention and correctional facilities.
Areas of service and support to the tribes included:
  • Project guidance and oversight
  • Needs assessments
  • Projections and profiles of populations
  • Alternatives to incarceration to foster rehabilitation and to control bed needs and costs
  • In-custody and non-custody treatment programs
  • Site selection
  • Facility and justice system planning and programming
  • Selection of architects and engineers
  • Compliance with standards and requirements of DOJ, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and local entities
  • Staffing and operations
  • Value engineering and control of initial and operational costs
  • Transition and activation
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+ Southeastern Tennessee State Regional Correctional Facility Analysis & Development of Major Prison Expansion Plans, Cost Control, & Conceptual Design

After another very similar State of Tennessee prison project's construction bids came in at over 35% over budget, the State hired a team led by Mark Goldman & Associates to find ways to greatly decrease costs without reducing the number of beds or negatively impacting operations, programs, manageability, or security.

The resulting selected site and building plans reduced initial costs by over $30 million.

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+ Research on How Prisons for Mentally & Physically Ill Inmates can be designed to Better Support Treatment & Rehabilitation

Under mandate by the federal courts and the California Prison Receivership, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was required to design new facilities and operations to better serve more than 10,000 inmates with considerable physical and mental health issues. The new facilities were to be "patient-driven," aimed at supporting physical and mental health within safe and secure settings. The Receivership and CDCR wanted to ensure that their new correctional health care facilities applied, or at least considered, research on environment and behavior, including Evidence Based Design. Mark Goldman & Associates (MGA) was hired to review and summarize all available and relevant environment and behavior research on correctional, physical health, and mental health care environments.

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+ Sacramento County (California) Commitment Facilities Feasibility Study

With a local architect, MGA studied three existing facilities for post-adjudicated juveniles, profiled and projected juvenile populations, determined appropriate programs and placements for each category of youth, and formulated recommendations regarding remodeling and new construction to meet current and future needs.

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+ Rosebud Sioux Tribe (South Dakota) New Adult Correctional Facility

In 2010 Mark Goldman & Associates was part of a team that did detailed planning and design for a new treatment-oriented adult correctional facility in South Dakota.
MGA's scope of work included:
  • Facility evaluation
  • Inmate profiling
  • Inmate population and bed needs projections
  • Developing a staffing plan
  • Operational and architectural programming
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+ Hall County (Georgia) Jail Program Refinement, Design Review, Staffing, & Furnishings

As part of the Program Management team, MGA refined the operational and architectural program to help get the project within budget; thoroughly critiqued the design as it developed; developed a staffing plan; and helped the client select furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.

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+ Winnebago County (Illinois) Justice System Needs Assessment Study & Master Plan

Hired three times by this jurisdiction, MGA assessed the needs of all adult justice departments, fostered the expansion of alternatives to incarceration, projected bed and space needs, developed a 15-year master plan, developed a detailed operational and architectural program, and actively participated in the development and fine-tuning of the design.

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+ Elliot County (Kentucky) Correctional Complex Operational and Architectural Program

For this large prison complex that would initially accommodate 990 inmates, and later 1,800 inmates, MGA was part of the first phase design-build team. MGA helped develop planning and design concepts and portions of the operational and architectural program.

+ Portage County (Wisconsin) Justice System Needs Assessment Study & Plan

MGA led an adult and juvenile justice system needs analysis and developed a long-term justice system plan. The scope included the Jail, Juvenile Detention, City and County Law Enforcement, Courts, Court Administration, community-based non-custody alternatives to incarceration, Public Defender, District Attorney, and Probation.

With the recommended expansion of non-custody options, bed needs were reduced by over 25 percent with a projected cost savings in construction and staffing of over $8 million.

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+ DeKalb County (Illinois) Jail Study

To help address current and future jail crowding issues Mark Goldman & Associates and an architecture and engineering firm developed a detailed inmate population profile, projected populations and bed needs, studied alternatives to incarceration, evaluated the existing facility, and studied and compared options for expansion and new construction.

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+ Lake County (Illinois) Jail & Justice System Needs Assessment Study, Master Plan, & Options Development

To help address the shortage of courtrooms, justice offices and jail beds MGA projected staffing, workload and bed needs; helped expand alternatives to incarceration and developed and studied numerous site and building options to meet near-term and long-term needs.

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+ Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (GCJCC) Design Auditing

For this State agency and the Department of Justice, MGA tracked and reported on the design and construction of 25 federally funded juvenile and adult correctional facilities regarding compliance with standards, codes, and proven correctional practices.

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+ Hopkins Park (Illinois) Correctional Center for Women Operational & Architectural Program

As part of a team, MGA participated in planning and design charettes and developed significant portions of the program that specified operational and architectural requirements for the housing, administrative, and program areas for each inmate category.