Mark Goldman & Associates provides pre-design services and assists clients during design, construction, and facility activation. The following are MGA's core services:

+ Needs Assessment Studies

The MGA Team gathers and analyzes data to profile and project juvenile and adult populations; project workload and staffing requirements; study means to control and limit populations and staffing levels; estimate space needs and costs with and without changes alternatives to incarceration and other elements of the justice system.

+ Non-Custody Interventions & Alternatives to Incarceration

The MGA Team reviews and examines the jurisdiction's current uses of alternatives to incarceration and other non-custody interventions for both pretrial and sentenced offenders. Based on a thorough population profile, MGA investigates the potential for enhancing non-custody interventions to serve more alleged and convicted offenders who pose little risk to public safety and little risk of fleeing the jurisdiction. MGA draws from the increasing knowledge on "Best Practices" to investigate means to increase use of interventions and other mechanisms that can reduce operational and construction costs, promote public safety, and, ideally, encourage rehabilitation. The MGA Team projects outcomes, and formulate recommendations to the jurisdiction's decision makers. Help implement changes and new programs.

+ Master Plans

Building from the jurisdiction's mission, objectives, and operational and facility needs, and other spelled-out criteria, MGA creates several means to respond. Each means of response becomes a master plan option. Options may involve keeping existing buildings as is, renovation, additions, and new buildings or entire "campuses." Other variables include phasing/non-phasing, operational changes that impact facilities, and facility changes that enhance operations.

For each master plan option, MGA analyzes the life-cycle costs and impact on operations and services. MGA works with the jurisdiction to identify, study, and compare sites. The MGA Team develops site-specific and system-wide master plans for 10 to 30 years, and creates, analyzes and compares options for meeting needs and budgets.


+ Operational & Architectural Programs

To maximize the "fit" between each project's/client's needs and new or renovated buildings, MGA works closely with the jurisdiction to determine missions, objectives, functions, activities, users, hours, and communication and security requirements. The team then determines physical requirements to meet operational needs, including numbers and types of spaces, architectural and engineering characteristics of those spaces, and spatial relationships (adjacencies). MGA further assists the architects with translating the program into a building that fully meets the jurisdiction's operational and design requirements.


+ Staffing Plan Development & Analysis

MGA Team members work closely with client and user representatives to develop staffing plans that meet all of the jurisdiction's security, treatment, safety, and administrative-related objectives and needs; as well as state and federal standards.

Throughout the design process, MGA carefully reviews the design of each area and space to help ensure that staffing is as efficient as is feasible without sacrificing safety or function. MGA makes recommendations for improving working environments for staff -- suggestions can help improve morale and productivity, while minimizing turnover and staff re-training.

The MGA Team works to save jurisdictions millions of dollars by reducing the number of fixed staff positions. In one recent project, for example, the functions for two round-the-clock control rooms were combined, saving the jurisdiction five full-time staff and over $10 million in operational costs over 30 years.

+ Design Review

In a methodical way, MGA conducts comprehensive and detailed reviews of design documents, and compares the designs with the clients' mission, objectives, staffing plan, operational program, architectural program, standards, and codes. The MGA Team also applies "lessons learned" from operating and planning correctional facilities for over 30 years. MGA prepares documents noting spaces not included in the design, spaces that are larger than needed for their functions, blindspots, and a myriad of other issues.

+ Standards, Mission Statements, Objectives, Criteria

MGA develops mission statements, objectives, site and other criteria, and building standards for and with clients to use as the basis for operations, staffing, and for renovations and new construction that support such operations.